Prizes available in new Paneltex H&S league

Setting A Standard in Health & Safety

At Paneltex, we have always had a strong focus on working safely together. However, even though our track record is very good in this regard, we always try to keep our culture of Health & Safety refreshed and moving, driven by our Better Way programme of continual improvement. 2017 has seen a number of new initiatives to keep us all on the ball when it comes to our overall targets. Since the beginning of the year, a number of Paneltex staff have been busy undergoing training for IOSH Managing Safely.

We believe that Health & Safety in the workplace is a fundamental part of maintaining and developing a happy working environment. This IOSH Managing Safely training is just the tip of the iceberg, however. At our main site in Hull, we have recently introduced a new Health & Safety initiative, called ‘SAS: Who Cares Wins’, which will enable our employees to win rewards for good Health & Safety practices in their workspace.

Paneltex Who Cares Wins Logo

Our aim is to ensure that no one is harmed whilst working at Paneltex, by being as good as we can be in regards to Health & Safety. The added motivation for us is that every member of the Paneltex team in Hull has, in this league, an equal chance to make a change and ultimately to win prizes.

Eight Teams – One Goal

Our trained Health & Safety representatives on the shop floor are the first port of call for any Health & Safety related problems. They had the initial idea of forming the ‘Setting A Standard’ (SAS) team and creating our Health & Safety league.

Every Paneltex Hull employee is allocated to one of eight teams. Team members are expected to respect our current Health & Safety rules in each work area. For correctly doing so, the company will provide rewards every month, with an extra special prize given out once per year.

We, at Paneltex, believe in making the workplace as healthy and supportive as we can, through open communication and mutual respect between employees and managers. We have a number of Health & Safety suggestion boxes around the site for any ideas that might improve the areas in which we work.

How the league works

The SAS team carry out random checks around all the departments within the Paneltex site, at least once a month.

Every preventable hazard that is spotted during these inspections is penalized with points, the aim for the teams is to avoid receiving points. There are also opportunities to win a bonus reduction of points for the team by recording near misses and implementing Health & Safety improvements.

There will be prizes awarded every month for the team which receives the fewest points, including vouchers for free dinners and buffet lunches. There is also a yearly prize for the team that performs the best over the course of the year, an extra day of paid holiday for each team member!

Paneltex Health and Safety Vision