Commercial, refrigerated and specialised vehicle bodybuilder

As a creative and supportive commercial vehicle bodybuilder, we at Paneltex thrive on opportunities to innovate. We continually aim to lead the way in developing refrigerated and specialised vehicles and storage systems which are more productive, safe, clean, easily operated, good looking and efficient.

We do this by focusing on more than just delivering a product. We work closely with our customers to find a perfect solution which adds real value to their business.  From concept design through to vehicle delivery and whole-life aftercare, all of us at Paneltex offer our service.

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Engineering Excellence: Paneltex Refrigerated Vehicles

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  • Factory Size

    25,000 sqm

  • Service Network

    UK & Europe

What we do

  • Vans

    The <3.5T range of Paneltex van conversions and vehicle bodywork proves how effective a lightweight vehicle can be, by combining outstanding thermal efficiency with a high payload.

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  • Trucks

    The range of options and different specifications available in Paneltex truck bodies means that they can be designed and manufactured to suit any operation. Ranging from 3.5T - 26T GVWR, there really is a Paneltex truck for every conceivable operation. If not, we are an innovative vehicle bodybuilder, keen to design new trucks and systems.

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  • Trailers

    Paneltex trailer chassis are manufactured in a dedicated trailer production facility, meaning the high quality of these products is evident in every build. With the ability to offer dry goods trailers or trailer chassis with Paneltex refrigerated bodywork, the wide variety allows us to tailor trailers the operation in which they will be used.

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  • Specialised Vehicles

    The innovation and engineering skill required to design the very bespoke, specialised vehicles produced by Paneltex is unique to the Paneltex design team, as proven time and again with the production of our Specialised Vehicles.

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  • Portable Cold Stores

    At Paneltex, we have been producing portable cold storage units since the company began. After innovating to create such a leading product, we didn't sit back, but constantly continue pushing to improve our design as much as possible.

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  • Electric Vehicles

    Paneltex Electric Vehicles are a triumph of the work put in between our mechanical and electrical design teams. Working very closely together allowed them to successfully design and build zero-emission electric vehicles.

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