SAS: Who Cares Wins – Meet the Team (Dynamic Duo)

Mike Milestone, Type Approval Clerk

Mike is the SAS Core Team member for the Dynamic Duo Team, the combination of our Units 4 & 18, where we assemble 3.5T van and box products.

He has already seen some improvements in the factory as a result of the SAS scheme and says the rolling out of the scheme is progressing well. To explain why he got involved, Mike says “I volunteered as I saw the SAS scheme as an excellent opportunity to engage with other departments and to help improve safety within the work place, whilst also enhancing my own skills. I am enjoying the challenges of the role so far and am looking forward to getting further involved as the competition progresses.”

Mike has been working as a member of Paneltex’s engineering team, focusing on type approval, for 4 years, but his interest in engineering extends outside work. The majority of his free time is spent collecting and restoring vintage engines, be they steam, petrol, diesel or hot air. As part of this hobby, Mike volunteers at a museum, supplies photographs and writes articles for magazines.