Revealed: Results of the Paneltex Van Ice Cream Test

Can opening a van door make trade show visitors happy?

On the Paneltex stand at the CV Show 2017, we had more fun than ever this year. With the launch of our new company branding and website, we decided to celebrate properly. One of the products on display was a working Paneltex Somers Refrigerated Van. With a GAH refrigeration unit running on standby and a Seven Telematics monitoring system, it was interesting to see a vehicle keeping product cold at the show.

The outstanding results were very positive evidence of the high quality of Paneltex Somers Fridge Vans. We are all extremely proud of our range of panel van conversions, particularly the flagship Paneltex Flexitemp. The van we exhibited at the CV Show 2017 was to the full Flexitemp specification, set (at the Show) to keep the front compartment frozen and the rear compartment chilled. We opened the rear doors to the chilled compartment 170 times over the course of the Show. After viewing the data from the monitoring system, we found that the internal temperature of the rear compartment only once went further than 1°C beyond the 5°C target temperature. This is a remarkable success rate over three days, considering the number of door openings and the ambient temperature inside the halls. As there was very little fluctuation in the internal temperature, this is proof of the high thermal efficiency of the conversion.

Paneltex Somers Flexitemp Van at CV Show

Smiles at the CV show, thanks to the Paneltex Somers Flexitemp

The Paneltex van and the GAH fridge worked in perfect harmony for the duration of the show, to accurately demonstrate not only the high quality of the Flexitemp, but also its ability to make every day a little happier. Proof of this was evident on the Paneltex stand at the CV Show, in that whenever the Superfreeze, fold-back side door of this particular vehicle was opened, there were big smiles across the stand.

The van appeared to be normal, as it was neither cold to the touch, nor noticeably noisy. On opening the door, however, there was an obviously low temperature in the compartment. The second noticeable thing in the compartment was the multitude of ice cream tubs and boxes stacked inside.

Just an excuse to eat ice cream?

Storing ice cream in a van for three days relies heavily on insulation quality and fridge performance. Thankfully for those of us at the show, the van performed exactly as required. By the end of the final day, even the very last tubs of ice cream had shown no signs of crystallizing. This meant we were able to perfectly enjoy delicious Brymor ice cream for three days. Naturally the aim was to prove the quality of the van conversion, not to keep our team and visitors happy, but I can’t say we didn’t make the most of it!

Paneltex Fridge Van - Ice Cream

Paneltex Flexitemp van loaded with ice cream

To add further evidence, on top of the high residual quality of the ice cream, we had the data from the monitoring system. Averaging seventeen side door openings per hour, the internal temperature of the frozen, front compartment maintained an average of -20°C. With such a low average temperature, it’s no wonder the ice cream was perfect every day.

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