Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund supported by Paneltex employees

In recent years, a number of Paneltex employees have been strong supporters of Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund, fundraising for the Brain Tumor Charity. One member of the Paneltex team, Kirsty Sach, has taken things a step further in 2018 by setting herself a serious personal challenge, with a target to raise £1000 in sponsorship through a series of grueling runs throughout the year.

With the support of another member of the team, Chris Tallett, who is joining Kirsty for a number of events over the year, she has achieved a great deal of success already. We are all proud to call ourselves colleagues and friends of a person who has become so dedicated to this cause that she has committed a lot of her own time and energy to it for an entire year, on top of working five days a week and with two growing children at home. To read Kirsty’s own words about the charity, her challenge and her reasons for supporting Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund so fiercely, please click here.

Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund was set up in memory of Alfie Thomas, a young child, diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an inoperable, incurable brain tumour, when he was only 5 years old. Alfie fought this brain cancer for 11 months before he sadly passed away in 2014, inspiringly remaining cheerful and continuing to fight over the entirety of this difficult journey. Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund, set up and driven by Alfie’s family, works tirelessly to raise awareness of the symptoms of DIPG and to raise money and support for paediatric brain tumour research. Supporting The Brain Tumour Charity, their aim is to one day find a cure and spare future children and their families from the pain and devastation that these tumours cause.

In memory of Alfie, and to support the hard work that Alfie’s family puts in, Kirsty has dedicated a huge amount of effort into fundraising for the research into a future cure for DIPG. It is certain that any donations that could be made, however large or small, would be a huge help to the charity and a further motivation for Kirsty to keep working towards her goal.

To learn more, or to donate, please click the blue button. Kirsty’s JustGiving Page

To learn more about the Alfie Bear’s Journey Fund and DIPG awareness, please visit the following links.