Greenpower Race Day

KCOM Stadium, Sunday 16 July

We at Paneltex are proud to have supported Child Dynamix in their work to build and prepare their electric IET Formula 24 racing car for the Greenpower event, Project Blyth, on Sunday. It was a beautifully sunny day in East Yorkshire and the event did not disappoint. With over 30 cars racing over 3 races throughout the day, the large crows around the KCOM Stadium were kept well entertained all day.

An excellent day at the KCOM Stadium in Hull

Paneltex supported the Child Dynamix team, as mentioned above, and their lightweight car was one of the most exciting participants of the event. Taking part in two races and finishing 13th overall, there was some excellent driving on the day, which was the culmination of many months of hard work and preparation that had gone into this project. You will find more information about Child Dynamix and the event in our preview article below.

Child Dynamix Electric Racing Car